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Project 2017

The Swiss Charity Concert 2017 supports the global Save the Children campaign “Every Last Child”

Every child deserves a chance to grow up healthy, learning and safe. Yet millions of children are left behind —because of who they are or where they’re born.

Through the global campaign “Every Last Child”, Save the Children works to ensure the world’s children have what every child deserves – a future. The campaign will tackle the key reasons children are left behind, and will work to ensure 15 million children have access to lifesaving health care and quality education. By 2030, Save the Children will strive to prevent the deaths of 600,000 children and give 50 million more children the opportunity to learn.

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The Swiss Charity Concert supported different projects throughout the years.

Project 2016

Your donation counts! With your donation of 100 Swiss francs, you could, for example, enable one child to access a child-friendly space for a month.